Cash Challenge for people under 18


I think it would just be like versus. I mean We can’t use iTunes money bc that’s real money and illegal. I don’t know nothing that we could challenge for but also be able to use in game or real life.


Amen. @PapaGallo23


No fuck that don’t go to Canada!!! Come to Netherlands instead… Drinking age is also 18 here and here i can hang out with you… Not in Canada :joy::joy::joy:


Will you get my plane ticket :smirk:


Haha sure!.. If i ever happen to win a lottery :joy:


There’s only 2 types of people i hate in this world. People who make fun of other people’s cultures… and the Dutch.


Plus!! Dutchie can take you to all the shady places where they ride “underground madskills mx2 competition” and tell you all about Tulips and klogg dancing and weed and and …Well you can picture it! Can’t you? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::+1::grin:


Is that an ok way to trash other cultures saskatchewan? :smiley::joy:


Exactly @Zse743 I’ll show you all sorts of shady places (no clue what he’s talking about but just play along so he doesn’t feel bad) :thinking::joy: and i promise we’ll stay away from the one where @THR_Jogga72 is doing weird stuff with his super small penis :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:


Happy early birthday Zach!!!


So exactly what kind off shady place are you talking about Dutchie? :thinking: On second thought! Maybe you should stay away from Holland. There is just No telling what Dutchie has planned for you @Zse743 but Since he starts to talk about penises… Oboy! :scream::scream:


Oh god​:joy::joy::joy:


Oh second thought stay away from me​:joy::joy::joy: hahaha


It’s tomorrow but thank you appreciate it :smile::tada:


All this sounds like fun and all but sorry to say I am staying away :joy::ok_hand:t2:


well keep on hitting them 1:st place runs on jam, and it might get u to my country again (sweden). And that aint so far from the Nederlands and Dutchie! Muhahaa :smile::rofl::clown_face::grimacing:


I would say injoy being a kid now. Get good at the game so when you turn 18 maybe you can make some cash. Trust me when I say there will be plenty of time to be an adult and have life repetitively kick you square in the balls.


I’m not from Saskatchewan dude. Those people drink a lot of hand sanitizer


Well, you can drink worse! :grin: