Cash Challenge for people under 18

This might sound wierd but it just came on my mind, what if Turborilla added Cash Challenges but for younger peapole! Like it’s the same concept but with fake money. Daily pots and all thoose other things. It probably sounds stupid but i think it sounds pretty neat. I bet Google would allow that on android too cuz im on that device i tought maybe you could use that fake money on minute clocks in versus or rockets, but idk if that’s even possible to do. Heck what do i know, tell me what you think

I would race for rockets I had like 200 before i used them

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I’m pretty sure @Zse743 is under 18 and if he were to do this his wallet would be like $10,000 within the first couple mounths but with fake money that might just piss people off, like could you imagine. This is why kids shoot up schools man

Lol :joy::joy::joy: I’ll be 18 this weekend so I don’t have to worry about cash for kids :smirk::muscle:t2: Haha

Niiiice dude. Come to Canada bro you can drink legally here at 18 lmao.

Dang I didnt realize

Y’all lying?!?

about what…?

That zse is only 17

go on youtube and watch the world msmx2 championship lol you can see him irl

Yeah I am only 17 haha, but not for long :wink:

If I actually qulified for the championship and was 16-17 and told my parents I could go to sweeden for a game they would tell me I’m out of my mind :joy:

Oh hell yeah get me the ticket and I am there :joy::joy::joy:

My parents were the same till they saw I was going and they were on board :joy::joy::joy: I was like I need to get my passport and they were like this little shit ain’t going anywhere (they didn’t say that but my mind thinks they did) They were excited after the fact they knew lol

Ah sweet



Conclusion: steal your mom’s credit card. Use PayPal. Lie about your age. Done.

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You do know you have a grade A snitch in here, right?

Chill little man :joy::joy::joy: I’ve told you my thoughts in dms so you already know my answer to it, but no excuses for king :joy::joy: