Can't get her 13 and 14

no more fun

Bike 13 and 14 came into play.
Is my game messed up

Can’t get the bike.
Oh, if I fulfill all the tasks again and again.

I can’t keep up with the others and it’s not fun anymore.

do i have to stop now
Since my request has already been submitted.
But no help came

No dude
It may take time for turbo to respond to your request
Also i had that problem
I showed them my attempts and proof that i did unlock bike 13
So they gave me bike 13
And then i went on to unlock bike 14

Also why are you a season behind
The points from last season does not count

35 points for bike 14.

I already have 41 points.

After that I would have it :cry:

Its fine but you need to get 35 points this season

The one before doesn’t count?

Why have others already made it this season🤔

I’m not sure what what Cryptic means but you definitely should have 14 unlocked now.
I would suggest sending an email to and they should be able to fix it!

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What i mean is that she is going off last seasons points
As it says 5 points this season
We know the date she took that photo was on December 18th
But bike 14 is not unlocked
Maybe that photo was taken on a different date

Either way she had enough points to unlock it in December and it didn’t work.

“This concludes the thread”

Thanks for the tip
Believed @THR_Birdshaw could solve that as well.