Cant find the thread. 😁

Was wondering if the turbodudes have ever thought about a track preview option (premium) in the pause menu during a race.? Just a thunk. Due to the idiot screaming “TACOBANDIT!!! Your pizza is ready!!” a half dozen times, i was mid race and had to pause to shut the bastard up, get my za’s in the car, resume my game only to completely forget what section i was in missing a vital scrub, thus leading me to blow a 33m lead on a previous set time! :sob: now my za’s taste like loser and my beer taste like failure… Thoughts?? :metal:


No, we haven’t thought of it. It feels like you should block that idot though :wink:

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I was at domino’s :joy: and was waiting so in typical fashion i fired up msmx2 and didnt hear him calling my name koz i was fully immersed :joy: dickhead left them a lovely anger induced review on their fb page. haha. Idea for msmx3 if not msmx2?

I understand that it’s frustrating when it happens, but how often is that really?

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Almost everytime for me for about 3 days i have the worse memory lol was late to my own wedding because i slept in thinking it was judt another day off work :joy::joy: