Can’t Beat King climb 2 ace

He always gets me on the start and can’t figure out how to get the same start, been trying for a week now

As you’re about to leave the first jump, tap break a little and aim to hit the same line as Ace. I think its called poor man’s scrub

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What bike are you on? The huge step up is possible from bike 8 and up.
Scrub or slowdown a tiny bit on the first little jump to get enough speed to clear the stepup.
Hold back the whilst on the big wall until youre almost looping out then press forward. That should land you on top.

I think that he’s talking about King Climb 2, not King Climb :thinking:

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Oh Yeah.

Then my advice is git gud

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Tap the brake over the first jump to land on the flat top, then clutch it across the second flat top to land in the detent which will bounce you over the wall lip. 2/3rd’s of the way up the first hill, start feathering the clutch so you don’t go too high at the top. Then ride it out till you reach the second hill where you’ll need to clutch it at the bottom so you don’t carry too much speed going up. Feather the clutch going up to fine adjust your height at the top then just cruise it to the finish line.

Note: if you don’t use auto throttle, clutching is the same as letting off the throttle.

Revised for bike #8.

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