Button animation/ change

Basicaly when you press the button in game in MadSkillsMX and BMX it would slightly get darker or slow merging of that sort. This idea came about to me when I was talking to @Zse743 about his 1k video. It would be easier for the viewers to see the thumb placement/ buttons being pressed at certain times, instead of halving to record you’r screen and your thumbs. Not that big of a deal if it doesn’t get implemented but just an idea. Thanks!

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Some recording apps will show like a dot when and where the screen is pressed. And its a cool idea for these kind of games

Iirc the alpha version of bmx2 (at least) had this feature. It was shown once in a turborilla live show, and Joe made Justin activate it to show it. Would be indeed a nice feature now that streaming and video uploads are becoming more and more popular… and could help some ppl to improve…

Yeah, we didn’t think of streaming the game when designing the HUD
We basically thought: why have a pressed state on the buttons if they player hides the buttons with his thumbs at all time?

But things has changed since then so I guess we might need to reevaluate our decision :slight_smile:

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Thanks for all of the feedback, hope this gets implemented into the game again. Would be pretty cool for streaming and especially YouTube videos. Especially for something like @Zse743’s YouTube 1k special, his wheelie tutorial. Thanks!