Bugging me. What's the Hack

I’m new to forum but have been playing MSMX for several years. I’m ranked level 2 soon to be 3.

I have a question that’s been bugging me for years. How in the world to the top players maintain a perfect wheelie the entire track. Are they using a Hack???

I have hundreds if not thousands of attempts every week and I ALWAYS get back slammed. What the heck is the secret. They have to be hacking the game. It’s impossible.

Don’t tell me practice because I will reach through the phone and choke you out.

Simple answer. They are just that good. Sorry to disappoint you, but it’s nothing but talent and grind.


Go practice :slight_smile: And come on and choke me :smile:

Here is a video with the best of the best through the years; MASTER52.
Aint no hack man

Thanks for the video. Maybe I can finally break into rank 1 after 4 years. :disappointed_relieved:

Does anyone have a video of the first requirement for Bike 11?
"Complete Intermediate track King Climb in 34 seconds without rockets"
I’m having a really hard time completing this.
Thanks, I’m new to the forum. I switch between this game and Trials Frontier.

What you need to do is pull some flips in places that doesn’t seem possible. Lean all the way to the front before jumping and then lean back. That’ll give you flips you shouldnt be able to normally.

If you got premium, check out my run to see where I placed them flips.
It took me 6-7 attempts :slight_smile:

Maybe you can watch the career tracks without premium, hmm :confused:

Thanks. I got the flips one, but the King Climb in 34 seconds without rockets is the one I’m having trouble with.

Ok, having troubles with building speed to reach the top or you struggle on the last part of the track?

Edit: Ease off the gas/clutch/brake just a little to land perfect on the first little jump. That way you’ll reach the top with some bike rocking in the air.

To nail the last part, well, practice :slight_smile:

As the Kipster said… The key is landing the fist little jump short enough to clear the huge step up. From there you need to nail the slowdown at the big spine. After that you need to slow down a little at the second jump after the spine to land on the flat and not the dragon.

I could do that.

Heres a quick clip of me going 33.6 on bike 10 with some mistakes and without any scrubs.

Ive finished in the 32’s when its a matter of life or death (vs challanges) :smile:

wow, ok thanks!
I didn’t realize you could jump all the way to the top on the first big jump.
You guys rock.

THR goes to 11 :smile: