Bug report: Ranked in the top 10% but still moved from Division 1 to 3

I do not know why this happened. I was in Division 1 last jam week (Week 272). I finished it in the top 3.4% (Rank: 2434/72714)Screenshot_20190511-102452
Immediately Jam Week 273 started, I was greeted with this.


I need my Division 1 back :wink:

@JoeW723 @hyarion @peter @THR_Birdshaw @bryan

Top pic says you were in division 3 last week

But you should have moved to division 2 at least idk

No. It doesn’t mean that I was in division 3. You’ll notice that I wasn’t ranked in Division 3.

The Division 3 is there because that’s where the game (in error) put me currently.

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… That shouldn’t happen at all… You should have at worst gotten booted down to division 2 …

Ah well, think I fixed it now.

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I guess it has to do with playing on two phones. Maybe it was because I opened new jam week with the phone I play less regularly on.

Probably a bug?

Def a bug. No clue what could have caused it.

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