Bug/Crash Reports


First I watch the second track, afther the first and its not problem.


Maybe my phone is 1920x1080 well I don’t know


Does anyone else have this problem?


Latest build, latest Android


crap, thx!


My game closes down when i try to open the track preview


seems like it crashes on iOS and have that strange behaviour on Android


Yeah that’s it. I’m on iOS.
Do have any idea at all whats causing it?
For me it has happened before that i couldn’t “poke” a friend on VS, then it would shut down. Not now though. But I’m thinking maybe It’s the same bugg?


I haven’t looked into it yet but I doubt it is the same bug as this seems to be an issue with loading the preview for this track.


Yeah i hear u man👍


Why have all the desert background tracks switched to the Forrest background?


because I slipped up :sob:
This is most likely also why track preview crashes in jam for the second track this week.

Sorry for the inconvenience (I’m still investigating what really happen there and looking into how to make sure that doesn’t happen again)


No worries then man. Just making sure I wasn’t the only one. Lol

Thank you,

Chase Crouch


Good news: I’ve found the issue.
Bad news: We need to release a new version to fix it for you guys.
Workaround: We’ll avoid using that background until we have a fixed version on the stores.

Thanks for reporting it guys!


Glad we could help! Love the game!

Thank you,

Chase Crouch


Okay so i barely ever have problems but i got 2 now (3 if i include birdshaw but he’s not really part of the game) :grinning: anyways…

Number 1 is I raced a versus against someone and won with like 1:25 left to try, then i clicked continue like i always do and for some weird reason it gave me a loss :thinking:

And number 2 someone (not the same guy as in problem 1) raced back my challenge but it still says waiting for their turn… It says that on both his and my game now :thinking:


Latest iOS update. Stuck here when trying to get black number plates.


Am i the only one who thinks this makes zero sense?
Here it says a certain TWalters013 is in first…

Whereas here it says zse is :thinking:

And before it said that TWalters013 guy was in first… It also said a Tommy or something was in first… Then i restarted the app and it said TWalters013 was :thinking:

Edit: it’s back to normal now :grinning:


here it shows zse is first!
i thought he might be a cheater that got banned but then i looked him up and found him, his combined time is 1:50:369 miles behind zse
Strange :confused:


When i downloaded a new opponent this occured.