Bug/Crash Reports


iOS or Android?
does it behave like bike 11 (acc, brakes)?

It would be awesome if you could close the game and send me a PM next time it happens (and wait for me to write back before you start it again). That way I can peek at what your current bike settings are at the server.


I’m on android

Not completely sure because without the holeshot device it accelerates slower and I’ve never really tried braking… It’s definitely still accelerating fast though just a bit more like bike 10 than bike 11.

I’ll do that next time (if i don’t forget it that is :sweat_smile:)


It sounds like it reverts back to bike10 for some annoying reason


Any plans to fix the external sound volume issue? When I’m bumping my jams, I start Mad Skills and the volume gets lower by 33.69 420%.


I believe right now it’s a choice between having that bug, or having the game crashing after being minimized. I do, however, know that pokemon go had the same issue, But fixed it so maybe there is hope. @hyarion?


I will soon push out a new version to our beta testers which includes a fix for the sound issue. After testing and fixing stuff they find we’ll release it to the public


Is the cash parts of the game updated in that build aswell?
Im tired of restarting it due to the split screen issues :confused:
Plus the info about div/bikes


I’ve included an sdk update from gumbler :slight_smile:
What do you mean with “info about div/bikes”?


The info regarding what bike we are using in the different divisions are incorrect.


Aha, we don’t need an update to fix that. everything gumbler related can be updated on the fly :slight_smile:
I’ll notify gumbler and inform them about the issue, thx mate!


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Well it sounds like cash jams are not worth it lol good thing I’m android. Y’all should be used to the game not working right :joy: I mean pokemon go hasn’t been around nearly as long but they fixed there problem apparently.


Pokemon Go did NOT fix their problems. Their main problem with their servers only went away with a drop in players. They didn’t fix shit.

I do, however, agree with the sound issues. But niantic aint ~ ten dudes in bumfuck nowhere Sweden.


It’s not that we haven’t been able to fix the “sound issue”. We fixed that by just updating Unity, easy peasy… The problem was that everything else started to break by doing that so I’ve been fixing and patching stuff to make the game working again :sob:
Apperently people wants to be able to 1. start the game, 2. switch between apps. 3. login with facebook etc. without crashing the game.
I think everything is fixed now so we’re getting ready to release a beta version to our testers and then hopefully release a version to appstore/google play.

^— life as a software developer

btw, @THR_Birdshaw we’re not just dudes, there’s a dudette here too :wink:


GIRLS DON’T EXIST! I feel like I’ve been clear on this in the past. :grinning:


You never turn off your phone and go outside, do you? :wink:


I bring my phone outside, man. No 4G in Sweden?:grinning:



ok… strange… android I presume?

does it ever work for you or is it only after previewing the first track?