Bug/Crash Reports


It came back but I think it just happens whenever I play in cash mode so I’m guessing it’s related to that. Probably can’t use the red bull helmet there so it defaults to the white star and keeps it equipped.


Yeah, that’s it. Red bull doesn’t want to be associated with gumbler (boring legal reasons)
Sorry for that

The general Cash games topic

Track picture aint showing :confused:
Im not sure but the fact that its the worst track in Madskills history might play a part…
Or is it because its a winter track and that era is over?


It’s broken because it uses winter background. @JoeW723 what do you think? Should we change it to the regular mountain instead?


Its an homage to King Climb so that would be fitting.


We could have a problem here. It probably originally had the winter background. The problem is I didn’t think to keep track of which tracks had the winter background, so I won’t know which ones I can’t use in versus. Can we not just add a winter preview pic instead?


I say use birds avatar pic :smile:


I second!


@JoeW723 it’s not that easy with the current implementation, but I’ll look into it :slight_smile:


I guess I can go back through the replays and see which tracks used winter and just not put them in the rotation.


Awww noooooooo


Before you do that, change the setting if Birdshawshank


I saw this on Birdshawshank Redemption vs track. It’s a first time, so I had to share


Grab the charger dude lol


Again, there must be some spooky shit with your phone man :smile:
And please, take care of your battery, charge! :wink:


It only happens on BSSR. Started yesterday.


Ipad mini 2.
Latest build.


humm… maybe you missed the button, could you try pressing it a few times more please? :troll:

We’re updating helpshift (the service that brings up that window) hopefully it’ll be fixed in the next version, thanks for reporting


hahahah :joy:


Does this ever happen to you guys? Every once in a while my holeshot device is just not there at the start… Just switching to another bike and then back to bike 11 fixes it so it’s not really a problem but I thought I’d put it out here anyways