Bug/Crash Reports


Version is 2.5.3 (761)
Android 6.0.1
Sony Xperia Z3 Compact Pink Edition

My brakes is living their own life, and mess up atleast 30% of all my runs. Im running auto mode with bike 11 and I started to have these problems 1st of december.
The problem come and go pretty randomly.

I restarted my phone several times but that didnt help


Had this been me, you could write it down to me sucking ass, but this is Kip we’re talking about. There are serious issues with bike 11 and the only players that are happy with it are the ~ 10 players that can keep a wheelie for half a lap. Serious tweaking is needed with the brakes and more importantly the front wheel drag.


Here is a video of how my brakes work.
O tried to get the issues in slowmotion parts of the video so ya’ll get a chance to see it.
I cant race when its like this… Fml


I have a problem with it not loading just as its about to go to race has been doin this for a couple of days so i cant race


Perhaps a fresh install will do the trick. Make sure your account is linked to Facebook, Twitter, or gamecenter. Delete the app, reinstall, and reconnect to social media


That did the job thanx mate all be it with snow and a new bike so maybe i was on a older version


I don’t see it :slight_smile: … is it braking even though you’re not hitting the button?


Yes, exactly. Its random. It brakes in the air, in the start etcetera :confused:
Watch it in HD and it should be easier to see.


Thanks. I played for one hour with Auto and bike 11 now and never got that problem :frowning:

Can you please try the #10 and see if the problem is there as well?


@tobias @hyarion @peter @bryan @JoeW723

My username is THR_chykason_NG

My own problem is that I have cleared and ACED all Career Tracks but somehow, they got locked again.

You can see my times with my former username “chykason” on Nigeria leaderboards. In the picture below, you can see my time on the last Career Track (Starman Pack) “Explorer”

Please, help me unlock all my Career Tracks.


I just made 150 attempts on Tobbe Takeoff with bike 10 without any problems.

I gotta say that bike 10 is the best bike ever… Now with the 11, and I quote the danish mod; “We’re just trying to unlearn everything we’ve learned in the past 143 weeks and only lean back” :confused:


That guy sounds as wise as he is handsome.


Ok. I’m not sure what can be done about the random braking, but I think we’re going to change bike 11 a bit.


I guess if Im the only one with this problem, it most likely have to do with my device and not the game itself…
Anyways, good news about a bike tweak :slight_smile:


Gotta say I would rather have a free versus minute lol not something I’ve unlocked a long time ago.


Wow thats odd. I didn’t even know there were unlockables for allstar levels.


Its been doing it for the last couple levels lol started with black rims. So I figure a couple more levels I should be back to getting a versus minute hopefully. :thinking:


This is actually a bug. Whenever the @devs help me unlock my bikes that mysteriously got locked, instead of being given a minute at the end of level, the game starts unlocking all those previously unlocked items like Black Rims, Color Pack, Helmets, etc


My bug report is that SOME of my Career tracks don’t have Aces. Whenever I open them to race in Continue Career mode, only me appears. :frowning:

As such, I don’t get to ace the track even if my time is above Ace time. Remember that I reported earlier that all of the tracks I played and unlocked before got locked. Not acing the track makes it impossible to unlock those tracks. :confused:

Please help return the Aces or better still, unlock all my career tracks. :pray:

Thanks in anticipation


Well, you had some really interesting problems so there might be some left over issues due to the privious problems.
Just to be clear, you don’t get any opponent at all when you click: play career -> continue career -> novice -> braap?