Bug/Crash Reports


This is a known bug in Unity (the game engine we use) we had to choose between: this issue or game crash on resume from background on ios10 :sweat:

Thanks for reporting it, we’ll add it to the list of known bugs on the FAQ


I’d much rather have this than the resume crash. I lost so many vs challlenges because of that. :joy:


That was sooooooo annoying.


It’s the only reason I ever lost to @Kipketer


also, i dont know what happened but the new update’s shop menu is a bit laggy for me


Ofc it was :wink:


each new bike makes it a bit slower to load, how bad is it for you?


just a little laggy and sometimes when i click on the screen it will click on the ‘customize rider’ button and lag more


WTF?!?! I just did a 47.7 run on tobbe takeoff but it did not save?! Im still at 48.4 :rage:


Multiple reports of times not getting saved. That sucks @devs


We haven’t changed anything that I know which could cause such an issue, I wonder what the problem could be :thinking:

It would be nice to know the following details:

  • game version (check top left corner in the main menu)
  • platform (example: ios/android)
  • os version (example: ios 9.2)
  • device model (example: iphone 5s)

Do you know how to reproduce the issue?
if yes, please describe how to do this in steps.
if no, please describe how you played up to the point when it happened. (for example: I restarted a couple of times and then got a time but didn’t see the time in the leaderboard after the race)


Version is 2.5.3
Android 6.0.1
Samsung j5

It happened totally random, crossed finishline 14m ahead of my opponent and clicked continue and im still on my old time on the leader board. Have not had time to make another run to see if it happens again.


hello,I have a problem. Since the new update in order to unlock the motorcycle 11, I lost all my motorcycles. I went down to the 4 motorcycle, a lot of golden mug that are erased. I do not understand what’s going on !! ? help me


This happens and it’s annoying as hell. What is your in game name? @hyarion or @JoeW723 will get you your stuff back.


In the game my name is zirlex


Ok so I did a 48.3 and it saved. God damn I want my 47.6 to show :rage:


Mine happened twice but @JoeW723 and @hyarion reparked the bikes in my garage.


Less whining, more grinding!:smile:


Now i cant get close to the flow I had going that run and it just pisses me off. So just back of mr and let me have my ride in the whaaaaambulance :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey I bought you some French Cry’s an a whamburger :joy: