Bug/Crash Reports


I keep getting the droid error message “Madskills Motocross 2 has stopped” whenever I open the app. I uninstalled and reinstalled.

I played the game and soon enough, I started getting this message whenever I open the app

I have gotten this message in the past and reinstalled up to 5 times before because of this message. Can’t the problem go forever?


Hit show details and tell me what it says.



What is your username again?




I recently got the new iPhone 7 with the latest IOS server and no matter what mode I’m in or whether I’m connected to wifi or have excellent 4G service if I’m holding the back button to lean back I will all of a sudden start leaning forward and do a front flip even though I’m holding back…


Do your hands get sweaty while playing?


@JoeW723 @bryan @peter

My bug reports are as follows:

  1. I’m not following up to 50 players now, but my profile reads 264.

  2. My number of challenges is shortchanged. It should be in the region of 2000-3000 and not 53 as my profile reads.

Please restore.


No, they don’t


Hello @JoeW723 @bryan @peter @hyarion

It has happened again. All my career progress and achievements got lost and all my Bikes (especially my dear Bike 10) got locked again :unamused:

Please help unlock, especially my Bike 10. Thanks.


Again! Wtf…I wonder what’s doing this?


I don’t know ooo. I equally have a couple of challenges pending. I can’t play them for now because it’ll be a whitewash against me. :unamused:


stop braking the game! JK

When it happens, do you: (it’s ok if you want to msg me directly instead of writing it here in this thread)

  • play on multiple devices?
  • have a shaky internet connection?
  • always get this problem on the same physical location?
  • have close to zero space left on your device?
  • have problems with any other game or app?
  • which ISP do you use?
  • which device do you use?


Check your inbox then


I can’t change anything in my profile, how can I use it again?


Since the update, if I’m listening to music, if I open the game, it makes my music about half volume.


Hmm… that’s odd. Pokemon Go has the exact same issue.


I blew my eardrums. Thought I somehow managed to lower my volume on accident, turned it back up, Closed app, ear death.




i updated the game and i always listen to music when i play, and i noticed that in this version my music gets quieter when i’’ on the game. any fix?