Bug/Crash Reports


Not really a bug nor a crash but at http://www.madskillsmx.com it say 9 bikes instead of 10 :stuck_out_tongue:


Same thing in the description in app store.


when I try and go back in the jam results… I can’t get past week 28 it tells me I need to make sure I have an internet connection but believe me I do.


@Kipketer I can! thx, but this text floating in game is new 2 me lmao I even restarted the game it didn’t go away :smile:

Ninja edit from Birdshaw. @bryan


Like it carries over from challenge to challenge?


no no no it was just this one game against kipketer. never seen this before toh.


Just trying to make sure I fully understand what’s happening here. Are you saying the speech bubble stays on the screen during the entire race?


yess! when you are looking at all your challenges it shows when someone send you a taunt. normally it would appear at the results screen. it didn’t it appeared in game and stayed until i finished the race. tactics to distract me from racing :innocent:


Gumbler and msmx have been very prompt and have resolved the issues I stated earlier. I took the post down because I’m more than happy with their attention and communication regarding this issue. Great job guys!!!


Awesome. Thanks!


Okay, got it. I’ll make sure the guys see this.


The guy Deleted the Challenge, as I was playing it, Now I cant get him off my screen When hitting “OK”, says check Internet connection!?


Android, Note 2


Thanks, Heath – I’ve reported this to the devs.


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@FuzzyHobo See the post above about friend times. ^^

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@JoeW723 I paused my game an dropped my phone an it restarted. Then this happened.


What exactly happened? We are trying hard to fix this issue and the more information you can provide the better. I’ll fix your account.



Before I dropped my phone the game was a real sluggish. I’m using android 4.4 KitKat phone so I thought it was just my phone. It gets like that if I’m playing the game while charging my phone an that’s what I was doing when I dropped it. The game still says I haven’t done a lot of things in career but I got all my bikes back so I’m cool with it. Thanks @JoeW723