Bug/Crash Reports


yep, im an idiot, thus the reason I deleted it… What i get for trying to think at 7am coffee


lol soon as I realized my error, i tryed to dispose of the evidence Before anyone seen it… But Mr Douch, your too quick…thanks though


Donno if anyone has said anything or if it even happens to anyone else, but for the last 2-3 weeks ive had to log on to my cash account every time i wanna play cash… its getting kinda annoying when i have to log in 4-5 times daily… :confused:


Yeah, I did that. I’ll undo it for 25% of your winnings.
Nah, never heard of that bug before… Sounds annoying. Do you have any sort of cookie erasing software in your phone?


No idea what that means, so i dont think so haha :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Get this every time and then i have to log in after…


Goddamn tech support nightmare😀

We need a grownup… @hyarion


I’m using the last ios, and it does get tan automatic cleaning with every app, to free space automatically. Perhaps it has something to do with this issue.


I haven’t been able to reproduce the issue so I need more info to be able to debug this further.

It would be lovely if I could get

  1. name of track where it happens
  2. which player(s) you play against
  3. does it always happens?
  4. does it happen in both play and replay mode?
  5. best case would be if you could find a replay in an old jam week where it crashes

  1. Jam track Extra Credit
  2. Any player at all
  3. No, Just during the jam week 202
  4. Yes, track couldn’t just download.
  5. Not possible now because I found a way past it

I fixed it by going to file manager, app files, then looked for the jam track file, deleted it. This caused the game to re-download the jam tracks the next time I launched the game.


I think I now know what’s causing this issue and have a fix for it in progress.



  1. enable cookies for safari (Settings -> Safari -> Privacy & Security). the g:loot menus are basically just a webpage that opens up in our game, so settings might be shared.
  2. check if disabling Private-Mode in your safari makes any difference (it shouldn’t do any difference but who knows)