Bug/Crash Reports


I’ve noticed this all week, but kept forgetting to say anything about it. Anyway, I’ve noticed what I think is a graphical glitch on Overboard. It only occurs at the beginning of every race when I play on an iPad. As you can see in the video, my view is zoomed in as well as lower than normal when I lean forward to start the race. Then, after a restart the view changes to lower then normal once I lean forward. Next, after a restart the view changes to lower than normal when i lean backwards. Again, after a restart the view changes when I hit the gas. Finally, the view doesn’t change when I hit the brake. Any thoughts?

Graphical Glitch
Occurred: Jam Week 188 - every race
Course: Overboard
Game version: 2.6.1
Device: iPad
OS Version: iOS 10.2.1


A lot of the times when I play verus it won’t let me restart, why is this btw I play on Android


Graphical Glitch
Occurred: Jam Week 196 - 199 : every race on these particular tracks
Course: Patience - Week 196 / Persephone - Week 197 / Teddy - Week 198 / Santa’s Satchel - Week 199
Game version: 2.6.1
Device: iPad Air
OS Version: iOS 11.0.1

I’ve noticed this the past few weeks and realized that I should let you guys know about it. This only occurs on the iPad! I compiled footage of replays from the past 3 weeks and this week for the video. I slow the speed of the video down before each graphical glitch occurs. Most importantly, the graphic glitch occurs with much, much greater frequency when I’m actually play the track, Santa’s Satchel, versus watching the replay of the run as all this footage is from replays. I will make sure to record footage of me playing tomorrow to showcase just how glitchy it truly is! Additionally, I have included screenshots as well. I hope this helps you guys! Also, please let me know if you guys need a beta tester for the iPad as I pretty much always play on my iPad. Here is the video and a link as well:

Video of Graphical Glitches

The screen shots are in sequence with the video.

1st - Patience

2nd - Patience
3rd - Persephone
4th - Persephone
5th - Teddy
6th - Teddy
7th - Teddy
8th - Santa’s Satchel
9th - Santa’s Satchel
10th - Santa’s Satchel
11th - Santa’s Satchel
12th - Santa’s Satchel
13th- Santa’s Satchel
14th - Santa’s Satchel


Just installed the update, 2.6.4, game loads but when playing or replaying a run it acts as if it is in stop motion. Plays smooth for 1 second - stops - plays smooth, stops continuously. I uninstalled, reinstalled with the same result. Is there any way to get the previous ver.? Game is now unplayable for me.

Android 4.4.2


Yea mine has done that a few times too, they probably need to work on it abit more


Thanks for the bug report @AmsterdamnedAmerican!

(and just for the record, I’ve responded to karb’s post about the s4 issue in this thread)


Hey Ben,

My pleasure as I love this game and am happy to help in any way possible!
I’m really looking for to beta testing… I truly appreciate you
recommending me to test for the iPad!



Hey Ben,

Here is a video from this past week’s courses : Jam 199 - Santa’s Satchel
As I mentioned in my prior post, it seems to glitch more frequently during a live run than when I just record a replay, so I recorded some live game footage. I count at least 5 or more instances in one lap. Again, I hope this helps and you guys can figure out why it keeps graphically tearing. Vid and all pertinent info is below.


Graphical Glitch
Occurred: Jam Week 199 - Every race
Course: Santa’s Satchel
Game version: 2.6.1
Device: iPad Air
OS Version: iOS 11.0.1


Hey Guys,

So I came across an issue with Jam Week 198 on the first track, Teddy. Every time I tried to watch THR_Dutchman’s run or race against him my game would crash. At the current moment, it still crashes when I try to view the replay now too. This occurred on both my iPad and iPhone. I only included video recorded from my iPad, but can upload it from my phone as well if needed. Pertinent info and vid are below. Sorry I didn’t post it two weeks ago when I first noticed and recorded it, but I had surgery and was out of it for about 10 days or so. As a result, I finally posting it now. Additionally, there is some really weird audio glitch that starts at 38 seconds and ends around 43 seconds. Another occurs again at 47 seconds and ends at 51 seconds.


Game Crashes
Occurred: Every time I tried to race against or watch THR_Dutchman’s replay.
Course: Jam Week 198 - Teddy
Game version: 2.6.1
Device: iPad Air and iPhone 5S
OS Version: iPad - iOS 11.0.1 & iPhone - 11.1.2


Found a problem, don’t know if this happens to everyone but I.T happens to me every time a notification pops up, my game becomes super laggy to the point where it’s incrediblely hard to play for about 3-5 seconds, I played in cash and got a notification cost me the win, and it’s with any type of notification, I’ll send a link to a short video showing what I mean!

:Device iPhone 6s
:iOS 11.1.1
:Game version 2.6.4



Yep ill be playing jam and out of no where it will get super laggy lue you said for a handful of seconds


no problem :slight_smile:
I know what causes this glitch now, I’ve added the bug to the backlog, thanks!


When I’m playing the game the game acts like I am not holding the throttle button. I’ll go off the line up then it’ll stop as if the throttle button isn’t held. Same goes with leaning forward or backward buttons.


What device is it? Some sort of tablet?
The problem is usually a feature that allows the device to ignore additional fingers on the screen. The auto throttle was added to combat this problem. More and more players are using it. Ive used it from the minute it got added.


In my case it’s just that my phone is so shitty that the screen will stop working every once in a while :joy: i literally couldn’t even play last week cause it did that on the majority of my runs :joy:


Loser talk :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

. . .in Birdshaw’s voice :wink:


Samsung s8+


That’s pretty much a phablet. I’d be surprised if it doesnt have just that feature.


Yea I tried the auto throttle. Auto throttle isnt racing. Lol doesn’t feel right.