Bug/Crash Reports

If you come across something odd (game crashing, graphical glitches, loading issues to name a few) whilst playing, please report them in this tread, and our programmers will be right on it.
Please be as acurate as you can. Your report could include:

  • How/when the bug occured.
  • A screenshot (if it’s a graphical glitch)
  • Game version.
  • What device you are playing on and what OS it’s running.
  • Anything else that might help us recreate the bug.

We really appreciate your help.

My numbers are chilling below my number plate (see pic) and I have like a light shadow that stays between my wheels.

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Thank you very much. Our testers have also reported this, and the programmers have been notified.

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When I try to switch between profile pics or login to face book I get this

Thank you very much! This bug was new to us.

I have no profile picture in the game when logging on with my Google profile. I understand that it would change if I connect with my Facebook profile but then I have to change that profile picture to what I want as my MSMX2 profile pic, which might not be what I want for my Facebook profile picture. #catch22

Is there any way of linking my Google profile picture?

This is actually something @JoeW723 can help with. @SKrawn, hang tight and Joe will jump in and give you a hand. Is your game username also SKrawn?

Currently there is no way to link a Google picture. We only support Twitter, Facebook and Game Ceneter. You can always make a Twitter account and assign the picture you want to that Twitter. Then connect it to the game.

You can also follow these steps:

  1. Change your profile picture on Facebook to the one you want in the game
  2. Change your picture in the game to the one on facebook
  3. Change it back on Facebook to the one you want

I have error in description for unlock bikes.
I see variable name instead description.
this is confirmed by my friends for 5 devices.

default language on device “Russian”, but this remains an issue when switching to English.
i try transfer to SD card, bug still here.

lenovo s750 with android 4.2.1
asus nexus 7 (2012) with android 5
thl t5s with android 4.4.1
asus zenfone 4.5 with android 4.4
galaxy s4 mini

Never heard of that one before. Thanks for reporting!

Here’s a legit bug, @FuzzyHobo ^^.

Thanks for the report, @Alexandr_Kutilin!

I found a solution to the my problem:

In our devices is the default language “Russian” and the game activate Russian inside (in first run).
In this case there is no Russian (in-game icon with a flag is not), but the menu is partially translated in the language selection menu.
If you switch the language selection menu (in the game) to English, all description unlocks become normal.

Excellent report, Alexandr! Thanks a ton for letting us know what was going on here.

Also, I’m very glad to have one of our Russian players here on our new forum. I hope you’ll stick around and become a regular part of our community. :slight_smile:

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Same here with the numbers and shadow .

Yeah. We’ve got people looking into that. In the meantime unequip your decals. That should remove the shadow.