BMX2 Jam Sessions

In the Jam sessions, I managed to climb to 1st in region and 31 in USA and 104 in world. And that took a lot of restarts and time. But then I see too in country is like 5 seconds faster. So I was wondering, are people able to use rockets in jam sessions and it count on the leaderboards? If so, I’ll stop trying to climb.

Like, top in USA is lvl 23, maxed #8 bike, division 10, and barely any stats at all. How on earth is he a whole 5 seconds faster

Rockets in jam is not a thing no

If you wanna know why hes faster just take a look at his replay to see where hes gaining on you :upside_down_face:

What is his username? I wanna see that run

Most likely someone got bored…, got a second account and probably moved their location to the US because they either A) wanted to piss people off B) their countries player number is small or C) didn’t want all their game time reflected on their main account statistics. I noticed the same thing… but what can you do really except beat them.

Their original account is probably a top player on the leaderboards also.

I had a US podium streak going for many weeks up until a couple weeks ago when someone knocked me off it… I believe it was (is) a poacher from another country with a duplicate account…!!!