Black plates Bug?

The new black plates option doesn’t show a price to purchase. When I click to connect to store it just says “contacting store” but never connects. Anyone experiencing this problem on iPhone or in general?


Black plates?

Oh nevermind i just needed an update… It does show a price for me :thinking: is there also an option to unlock without spending money though?

That’s the thing it doesn’t even show me the option to unlock it. Can you tell me?

Don’t know what currency you’re in but for me it says that i can purchase it for €1,29

Wait, misread your message. It doesn’t even show me an alternative option to unlock it if there is even one.

I use U.S.D.

Oh yeah it doesn’t show that for me either… Just that i can buy it for the price i said… So I’m assuming there isn’t another way to unlock it then to buy it?

Probably not, but I would like the ability purchase it. I’m wondering if I am the only one with this problem.

€1,29 would equal $1,41

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eh yeah… talked to a few people that have the same problem including me…


Same here.


Oh snap what up “Bragstud” :yum: Right on, well at least I know it’s not just me or my phone.

I just noticed in the pic I posted earlier, I ran the slip and slide in 30.840 and still doesn’t show the trophy under flygear Preformatted text

Same problem I really want black plates😩

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Same here :frowning: I hope it is fixed soon. And I hope you can unlock it for free.

Crap. Someone did something they shouldn’t have done… most likely me :confused:

I’m on it, thanks for reporting it

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It should be fixed now… sorry for the inconvenience guys and gals!

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Is there any way of unlocking without paying? Id happily pay but my wife might try shoot me again…


Your wife is going to shoot you over a 99 cent purchase?