Bike number eleven


What are your guys thoughts on the new bike?

Thoughts on the #11 bike?
Thoughts on the #11 bike?
The OFFICIAL CHRISTMAS Jam week #149 discussion
Thoughts on the #11 bike?

Just to spice things up we decided to release the new version of the game which includes bike 11 (version 2.5.3) even though #145 isn’t over yet.
Unlocking it shouldn’t be a problem for you guys as it only requires some backflips and a fast-ish time on some old tracks.


If I were you I would have waited 24 hours before releasing, but thats between all yall.


That did cross our minds but nothing’s at stake this week (other than fame and glory) so why not spice things up


To say that nothing is at stake is the same at questioning why anybody would play the game at all. With your little move you negate more than 16 million runs. I think it’s a very poor choice.


Still getting used to it, noticing the brakes are upgraded from bike 10, seems to slow down quicker when you let off the throttle as well. I think the holeshot device helps you on starts definitely, but visually it is throwing me off right now. Im sure I will get used to it though. Almost would rather it be an option rather than just always there. But new shit is cool! Overall great bike and new concept.


I love it. Brakes are something that really needed upgraded and they seem perfect!


Taking abit of getting used to. Awesome though. Yeah the holeshot device screws me up a little but wont take long to smash lol. The decals are nice to see change of design on the bike aswell. Stoked with the update thanks guys


Yeh, im the same, visually its a bit weird right now but it seems pretty good overall


Starting lines is tricky-er lol meaning getting the faster boost and not leaning back too early causing the back wheel to leave the ground and loosing abit of momentum but its good, braking is a dream i shaved nearly 2 seconds of my personal best on bump n run in versus, bike seems to handle better aswell.


Obviously I meant that there are neither money nor any other prize you can win this week


Yeah I get that. But this is serious shit to a lot of players. I didn’t grind too much this week, so I’m not one of them tho.


It’s a welcome development. Let the Top 12 familiarize with it on time before the Championship.


Def need some getting used to. But its fun to have a new toy :smile:


so far the new bike seems like a big disappointment, leaning forward to rock yourself onto your back tire is basically gone, leaning forward up hills scrubs a ridiculous amount of speed off now.

just seems like all it does is take away from the game, not improve it


Having a decent week, competitive, having fun… then bike 11 gets released hours before finish of JAM… WTF dude. Learning how to ride this bike after dropping 70+ positions now this is super lame. Seriously couldn’t wait 1 more day???

I don’t even care if I get a better lap on either track now because it’s a fluke. It discredits pretty much all the work we’ve put in all week. Waste of time and energy. @THR_Birdshaw was right. I feel like the scores this week should have an asterisk now.



Totally agree with @THR_LorkyMX2 The whole dynamic of the physics game has changed. I thought bikes were just going to be slightly upgraded, not change the whole way the game is played. The front wheel “holeshot mechanism” or whatever it is, it’s a gimmick, and now a gimmick is affecting laptimes not by a little bit, but by a LOT. If anything, this thing should disengage after a certain distance, not until the front wheel hits a bump. And if someone comes in here to say it’s a real thing in real life MX and blah blah realistic blah blah… bullshit. Nobody rides half of a track lap with the thing engaged in real life. It needs to disengage after a distance and we need to have the old front wheel normalcy back.

BTW good job adding it into the game hours before JAM ends to completely fuck up the leaderboards.


@THR_f1ftyone Yeah the timing of bringing it out was really terrible, they couldn’t wait until Thursday when the new Jam starts? The bike doesn’t feel like an upgraded bike, it feels like the physics have totally changed.


Yeah the bike feels heavy, like you just jumped off a CRF 450 onto an xr600. They should’ve made the hotshot device optional, like arrow up twice takes it off.


The bike is faster, it’s just a lot less forgiving than previous bikes. The hsd comes in handy sometimes, but I do wish there was an option to turn it off. I also don’t like that the front wheel seems to be dragging the brake, but I feel that was an attempt at cutting out leaning forward down steep hills to boost the bike to 3x max speed, which I completely understand doing, it just seems a little too draggy. If you take your weight off the back wheel, it slows you down, drastically.

All things considered, it’s A good bike. Just a good bike with a lot of things that make it harder to use. I’m having fun with it, though. Learning something new inside the game is frustrating, but at the same time, enjoyable.