Bike in daily dash

How can I win daily dash race today if opponent have bike #12 and the bike today #10? I want red rims but I need 2 points. :frowning:

just beat the AI like usual. @Piotr_Kozdron


Old man just get the back scrub and scrub some jumps. Benji messes up in the second lap I think

Are they going to bring back Esports?

I donโ€™t think so because the company that ran it, Gumbler, stopped their partnership with Turborrila.


I wander if next month they will add more rim colors like blue,lime or something else

Mostly likely not cause joe had said that it was pretty hard for them to make the red rims. Itโ€™s harder than you think is what he said

I heard him say that too but Iโ€™m still hoping they do make more rims!


Me to

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Our wish came true what if they made different color plates like in irl