Bike Hacks? Really?

Si I have a question I am running Bike #11 and still have other pulling hole-shots and clearing rhythm section that I can’t even reach on Bike#11. Very frustrating…

I am


Some of the guys I am racing are lesser some higher but not much

70 70
----- or -----
20 18
I realize that hitting things a certain way is needed…but I just dont have the acceleration or HP like some others do.

Also for example…in a straight drag opponent can be 3 bike lengths behind and pass me at the end?

Where can I get these hacks…better yet can they be detected?

Am I missing something ?


It’s very possible to pass someone on a straight when you wheelie… And because of the extra speed you have by wheelieing and scrubbing you can sometimes make further jumps than you normally would… As far as i am concerned there’s no such thing as bike hacks aside from the rockets that pop up in jam very rarely but those get banned…

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It all depends on the other players skill level really. I have been able to compete with people and sometime win in vs. with a lower lever, slower bike before. Just racing it for fun, you can figure out the scrubs and balance point for wheelies and be quite fast with them.

I’ve been up against a guy on sueno that was a bike length ahead by the drop. Which is likely them using the first bike 11 because it had a lot more power at the start and if you could stay in a wheelie.

Yeah okay on that kind of straight if you both wheelie out of the start it’s most likely the old bike but he’s talking about some others (plural)… I’d say it’s highly unlikely that he somehow races multiple opponents with the old bike 11 in versus right?
Oh and for you we know how fast you are but we don’t know for him so it could definitely be a skill gap between him and opponent :slight_smile:

Guys come on…I know what bike 11 is an a am running it. Out of the start they pull a 4-5 bike length holeshot. I am no slouch. I under stand the physics of the game and how building and carring speed works.

I am simply saying that if I am on the #11 bike and they are on the same #11 bike it should be basically a dead drag to the first jump…not such a gap!

The starting device was a great addition to assist when the power increased in the bikes…but need refinement to act more like a real starting device.

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Sent you a challenge!

I’ll race it back tomorrow! :+1:

I don’t know of any hacks like that.

@theDogger i raced you back… By the end of the first straight I’m ahead by more than a bike length… Absolutely zero hacks involved… It’s really just the wheelie that you gotta figure out… Makes you go way faster :grinning: so i can recommend you to go practice the wheelie and scrubbing aspect of the game :+1: (and next time please don’t just randomly start accusing people of using hacks​:slight_smile:️)


I am not randomly accusing people…it just seem as a huge discrepancy between bike power.

I understand what you are talking about but in my crux with the bikes is even right out of the gate no wheelie at all…getting pulled against opponents with the same bike #11

makes no sense…I can see where line selection and what you are referring to as 2D scrubbing makes a difference. As I have had been able to win re-running sections to get the right rhythm…
But even so out of the gate as there is not real gate drop to time a response…two to three bike lengths

I am not buying what your selling!

@theDogger Try uploading a video of what you are talking about, maybe that will make it easier to understand the problem you are having.

The point is he doesn’t wheelie doesn’t scrub doesn’t do the stuff that makes you go fast and doesn’t wanna accept it so blames it on hacks or something :expressionless::grinning:

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You know what i give up… I tried explaining if you don’t wanna accept it and start wheelieing just keep doing what you’re doing but don’t say other people that ARE doing things that make you go faster use hacks :expressionless: the last thing I’m gonna say is the rear wheel is the only thing getting powered by the engine… Having your frontwheel on the ground is just dragging and that’s why wheelieing in this game is so much faster

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Wow Dutchman…I am not accusing anyone I was asking if bike hacks are an issue…I get what you are saying about riding and speed.

I have raced for over 18 yrs the real deal and I get it.

So take you panties out of a bunch!!!

But I still standby my issue with two Bike#11 off the start and no wheelies…one pulls the other?

Okay okay you’re not accusing anyone… But when we try to help you you still don’t wanna take our advice :expressionless: anyways the old bike 11 was faster of the start than the current one… Some players have not updated their apps and are still riding the old one… But like i showed you… Just wheelieing with the current bike 11 makes a lot of difference too

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I sent you a challenge, @theDogger

no hacks here buddy, I’m going live today if you wanna watch how the top guys play.

No need to get hostile guys

  • There’s no hacks to make the bike faster
  • There’s still an old version of bike 11 but I doubt that’s the reason why you get behind (and it’s only faster if you wheely the whole track and never have to brake)
  • Getting a good start needs loads of practice, as you need to get a correct weight distribution to get the rear wheel into the dirt, not looping out, and not get nerfed for just leaning to much.

Watching the players at the WC play made me realize how damn good they are. I never thought they could pull off the scrubs and jumps with such a low fail rate as they did in the tournament.

Btw, try to play the replays on the world championship division in career. I can assure you that there’s no cheating or hacks involved there as I did unpack their devices, install the game, hand it over to them, watched them play, recorded their runs, and put their replays into the game myself. :wink:


Just to add, I tend to race myself on jam tracks, and then i can go far ahead, or back, depending on how i manage to do the start. That’s all. I won’t hack myself.

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