Bike 12 in the starting blocks?

Hi folks!

Here is now something like 7 weeks bike 11 is up.
I wonder (as many I guess) when bike 12 will turn up in MSM 2.
If someone could tell.
Thanks :slight_smile:

It’s not even for sure there will ever be a bike 12. Personally I don’t see the need for one.


Dude chill! :smile: We just got bike 11… and before that we just got the 10the :wink:

I dont think there will be a brand new bike, just like Birdshaw pointed out there is no real need for it.
All the earlier tracks will become very hard/boring to play for instance.
I mean, flying over all the tricky jumps isnt really the idea of the game.
But what do I know, Im just a simple gamer :slight_smile:

I see but given that bike 11 “left” one empty dot for power, I thought there would be a bike 12. It seemed logical to me.
But anyway, bike 11 is pretty cool (even though some modifications could be welcomed) :slight_smile:

I see your point, but again I doubt and hope there won’t be any more bikes.
Bike 11 is allready heavily modded from the first version with the draggy front wheel. What would you like to change?

Basically nothing except some adding options to customize (rim, or something), but this is casual and some trivial I think.

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I’ll let you guys in on a little secret. Everything doesn’t have a meaning. :slight_smile:
The dots are just there to hint to the player what to expect of a bike before you unlock it. Just because there’s one dot missing doesn’t mean there will be a new bike. Maybe we’ll release on late on, maybe we won’t.
Cause if the dot thing was true, then using the same logic we would have to release a bike 0 which is slower than bike 1 :stuck_out_tongue:

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So when will bike 0 be out?


We don’t have any release date for Mad Skills BMX 2 yet :joy:

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Hey do u know secrets in game like helmets or gears

Hey! As far as i know you get gears from jam events and christmas helmet from playing on christmas and those black helmets some of the top dudes are wearing were from the competition for world champs. The others you have to buy i think

Oh thanks.

V pon., 23. sep. 2019 20:34 je oseba Mtrracer via Turborilla AB napisala:

But how to get them

The jam events are over so you cant, but if you want some cool gears I would suggest you to buy turborrila pack in gears. Or that you stay tuned with the game and wait for events like redbull jam that is going on now