Big announcement for WFO

Hi everyone,

Little story: I play this game for more than 7 years now, I created the first ever mad skill motocross 2 team in this game called TCR. I found all the best players to create the ultimate team! and then after a lot of others players followed my team idea so the team battle started. And now my current team is WFO. I created teams tournaments, tournaments inside our team, I got the sweden helmet :sweden: (didn’t go for injury), I found with this game so many nice guys and some of them will stay good friend of mine! I’m really proud of what I accomplished trought all those years in this game! But now with my company and kids, I need some help for WFO and I would like to introduce you WFO_Sonicspeed as a new admin for WFO now. You will see what is to deal with Birdshaw :joy: We will be 2 WFO team leader now. There is some news comming up soon about the 2 best current team WFO/HDR :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

See you guys :heart:


Congratulations @WFO_SonicSpeed

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Congratz @WFO_SonicSpeed :heart::heart_eyes:

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Thanks guys! :grin:


Congratulations @WFO_SonicSpeed.


Ohh omg @WFO_SonicSpeed you WFO co-leader now congrats

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@WFO_SonicSpeed Wow a co-leader for WFO, congrats!

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Change ut forum name and the ingame plate man …

i will

Who’s it WFO_SOEW?

@AUXI who?

This guy

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Fake WFO🤔

Yup a fake one, Sonic change him in the WHO team please :wink:

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Yeah bro if you see people like that who are a low level and have bike 11 are fake

Ooooh so the ones that have WHO in their name was fake WFO?

WFO is the most elite team in the game so the people who fake the name kinda deserve it :joy:

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The only way to get into WFO is top 25 for 3 weeks straight right? Top 25 of both tracks or overall

Yup! Top25 overall in jam 3 weeks in a row

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