Big and Far track for VERSUS!


All I want in life is for yall to put the Big and Far track from a couple months ago on VERSUS next week. It was the fastest funnest track ever! Also, me and my buddies love to try and get super funny crashes and the massive downhill to uphill jump pn Big and Far is perfect for funny crashes. Come on guys please?!


@rcboxer thats your track right? :slight_smile:


Big and Far ya : )


@JoeW723, can we get this done?


Great job on that track rcboxer! And thanks Bryan!


We haven’t used this in Versus because it’s a LONG LONG track. One lap will take average player over 1:20 to complete. That pretty long for Versus.


Joe Honestly even though it’s a long track it would still be a blast. Is there anyway you can cut a little bit of the end out and keep the huge downhill and double? All I know is that it would throw some variety in there and it’d be better than having Big Bertha, Ninjitsoo, Swab City etc. for the millionth time.


Ryan made a shorter version of Big and Far. It’s called Big and Short. I will be adding it to Versus in a few minutes. Enjoy!


Duuuuuude thank you so much!


Does this mean it will be on versus today?


It should be there now : ) I changed a couple thing up on it to shorten it and make it a little more versus friendly. Might barely notice them : )


Yep it’s there. You did a good job shortening it up because it’s still super fun!


You were smart to come to this forum, man. It gives our players real say. :slightly_smiling: