Best results will share the pot of

What does “best results will share the pot of $…” mean? So how do I know how high to get to get in the money? Is it a percentage? Like if 500 people race then 50 share? Or something else? Thanks.

It says how many winners there will be in the description for the race…this is always a set amount of people…once you enter the race you can see how much money you get for each position so thats when you can decide how much you wanna spend


So this says 10 players at the top so that’s who gets paid?

Uh no the description thing i talked about is for “daily challenges”, the “challenges” (which is what you selected here) have a limited amount of players that can enter, so in this case the 10 players is the amount of players that can enter the race…i dont remember how many players get paid in “challenges” so you’d have to enter one of those to see that

Why I can’t play Cash Jam? Anyone can help me?

If youre on android, android doesnt allow cash games.

If youre on apple, youre most likely unfortunate enough to be in an area with laws that dont allow cash games.

If its neither of those i have no idea. :sweat_smile:

I’m on apple, and i’m in Indonesia. So sad :disappointed: