Best phone to play MSMX2

Hey guys so I broke my Phone and the one I borrow right now is horrible.
Im about to get a new one, and I’m just wondering what would be a good phone to play the game at, I’d prefer it to have a big screen. And I been with android for like forever so I’d rather stick with it unless yall advice me otherwise. I’d say s7 edge over the s7 for sure. and I saw this nexus 6p with it’s 5,7 inch screen and 3450 mAh battery. and it’s pretty cheap. I wouldn’t mind getting another s5 either but not the neo since the processor is lesser as the s5. LG g5 maybe?
there’s so many great phones out there I’m lost. but if I go for a samsung I want it to go under water that makes the s6 a no go.

so my budy areo actually told me on the last game we played he only reached the top in the tournament’s eversince he switched to these apple thingys…

Seriously I would get an iPad or iPod touch, I play on iPad mini and since switching from a Samsung the game plays so much better. It’s hard to make software for android cuz so many companies are tied whith android, whereas Apple makes al it’s own products. Good luck @cREED22

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Man I’m lost with all those phones you mentioned lol. I’ve been playing with my IPhone 6S plus and like it a lot. I actually have not ever had a droid style phone


I need a phone, so unlikely I’d go for an iPad or iPod
i been looking for specs and the s7 edge just crowned tha king
it did say the hardware and software for apple just sync way better
but I refuse to pay 200 euro’s for 112 extra GB’s
I can get 8 128gb cards for that money on ali express.
until @TCR_Elvis_PR told me I’d have some trouble with the edge thingy on msm2.
this huawei nexus 6p seems to be amazing but the provider I want to go with doesn’t offer that phone :cry: or wait 2 weeks for the HTC one m10 to come out with it’s 565ppi screen. android would be lovely for me so I can keep al my purchases and settings

I got SG S6 and it works Awesome!! I believe S7 is Great too!! But Not the “Edge” one if is it for play this game… :wink:

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ey man! I hope to have it all done soon enough with the phone and I’d love to join the team. (if I’m welcome)
actually as if right now playing some drag racing my current phone can handle that game lmao,
saw a lot of your world records, tight! im almost at 4999 with the lvl 1 car. do you happen to know a good car + setup for the 1/4 mile on lvl2?

That phone is perfect for playing.


The performance or the smooth game play depends on the GPU of the phone try “Google Pixel XL” if you dont want to shift from android. else iphone 6s Plus ranks top for gaming.

Cheers :slight_smile:

The new sony (cant remember model name) has an awesome battery life, mate of mine has one and he plays msmx2 on it aswell good peformance. Plus u can play an ass tonne of other games on it too

I have a brand new Sony Xperia Z and it sucks for a mobile gamer.
The screen and the back of the phone gets so warm you cant play in only 5-10 minutes.
And it drains the battery and causes minor lag obviously. Just minor though.
It’s a known by Sony issue with the Snapdragon 810 processor.
Google is full if you need more soures than me :smile:

Thank God I have an old iPhone 5 for cash and a cheap ass Android (ZTE 7") tablet for casual play!


Oh snap. Didnt really notice that on my mates ph lol i play on S7E and its allgood minus crappy network coverage at times and my fat ass thumb hitting the close apps button hahaha no dramas here

Updates for 2019? Which phone rules?

The iOS device I test the most on is the iPhone X.
But personally I use Android, anything with a Snapdragon™ 835 chipset or better.

I’m not sure David

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I play on an iPhone 6+ My game lags exremely badly, it’s the only app on the phone other than default, anyone else have this problem?

I have the 6s and it does pag sometimes. it helped to remove special effects on the phone and some settings… I also make sure to play on a full battery as the Iphone adjusts performance based on the battery life i beleive… I want to buy a new phone… maybe an 8 or X but the location of controls on an X seems awkard due to the screen taking up the entire front ot the phone rather than how the 8 is simar to the 6 i have…

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i have a iphone 8 after iphone 6.

I’m going to a Galaxy S10+ tomorrow vs my current iPhone 7 Plus, hoping its a nice bump up.

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Apples vs Oranges. But the S10+ is a really nice phone from what I’ve heard.

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