Best of 2017 - Show us your crazy stuff!


Remember that nasty backscrub that made your whole week in a jam run? How about that time you had a nose wheelie launch you over the hill a mile away?
If you have a crazy ass move you did in the year now almost gone that you either have on vid or you can pull up from a replay, let us know. We want to put together a best of 2017 video with all you guys mad skills.

Bring it.


Well time to get looking for those crazy squid moments where i almost ink myself


They are making a video?


Yeah, Joe is gonna make some cool shit.

#5 My front-backflip… there was no ios screen recorder back then, and the bmx2 recorder wasn’t as good as now, but it’s something


Here you go birdy


This one too


If you guys remember a week where one of the pros did something NASTY Thatll also be a huge help.


Does anyone remember the week the kudla scrub was born?


Yes, I remember King.

How about the weeks of Jam tracks “Chy Square” (week 176) and “Overboard” (week 188)?

The nose wheelies there are simply mind-blowing.


I remember when brag did that crazy front flip bounce over the on offs to clear the wall. Somewhere around the early 100s i think


Not sure but i think on the same track, maybe wrong, brag also pulled that HUGE uphill triple no one else could


Hey that’s me lol, I’m terrible


Week 171 and 180