Best jam finishes


my Best track


Personal best. I was so fast that the game couldn’t handle it and I broke the leaderboards. So to anyone wondering what happened that week it was me. Possibly because the leaderboards got so used to zse on top that someone else being on top besides zse had to be an error, and they didn’t want to make him look bad😂


Update on my best overall finish.


well done my friend. dude do you speak spanish?


Si señor! Vivo en México jaja


Sam and LaRue


Maybe not so much birdy hahaha but nice one



This is my best jam finish,so far, overall and specific track. :smiley:


92nd loser.


Yeah yeah. What’s your best jam week @THR_Birdshaw ? In mx2 that is. :smiley:
Hell I think that the top 100 should get a price on the 200 jam week. Something like lifetime of premium jam in mx2 and bmx2 :smiley::smiley:


I think it has been 676th winner.


Really!? What did I win then? And why wasn’t it announced :thinking:


You dont win shit


You’re talking jibbers


think this is my best, got tired of going back :joy:


Best individual

Best overall


You guys have low numbers lol my best track is

And my best overall is


Think I had a few as cREED22 back in the day. Only single races never an overall :disappointed_relieved: could never beat zele. Is he still around?


This isn’t my best finish but its my only div 1 week. I moved back to div 2 and did better because i sucked XD