Best jam finishes


Everybody share your best jam finish here :sunglasses: I’m curious :joy:
Ill kick it off

Think thats the one. Lol.


Number two


That’s my best one :+1:



When I set the time it was 8th in the world but it fell to 17th


I think this finish on that random ass piece of utter trash was my best.

And this one for total

Also the best track ever.


Birdshawshank Redemption, yep definitely the best track name ever :joy:


And design! Screw you


Screw that track hahaha


Well I didn’t play Mad skills back then so I don’t know the design :joy:


Imagine the most awesome track ever… then make it a little more awesome… triple that and add boobs. That was Birdshawshank Redemption.


Actually it sucked just as bad as the guy who it was named after :grinning:


Yeah, exactly. It sucks 0%


I’ve only played it in versus and it’s like big long straight away huge jump long straight away big jump couple of who’s at the end of I’m correct


Ok :joy:, I’ll go back and preview it


If it seems underwhelming it’s because your brain cant handle the awesomeness merely by observing it.


I think if that track never existed you would’ve been at 109 now :grinning:


My best is 86,233 place, it was a great week for me




my Beast Jam week 154