Awesome glitch in MSM2

Hi @THR_Birdshaw, I’m TM_Walker261, I was changing my character’s bike a few days ago, and I figured out if you were to select the bike skin Turbocepter, Panther, Midnight, Raven, Shadow, Onyx, Lighting, or Sky, and then click the Electric bike skin, the fork guards and the swingarm will be the color of the the skin you chose before you clicked the Electric skin.

You can also take off the Electric bike skin and it will still be there. To make this go away, tap the Flames, or Turbozilla skin

PLEASE don’t remove this!



Panther, Midnight, Raven, Shadow, Onyx



This only works on bikes 11 and 12



There was a glitch like this for bike 11 where the bike actually completely changed the shape when you changed to the skin we’re its red on top, the only time it would change back was when you changed the bike color.

We are aware of the issue and have no intention of fixing it (For now).

Ok that good

Bonsoir, mon application a complètement buguer j’ai perdu toute ma progression je suis retombé à zéro… et j’ai choisi bizarre j’ai tous mes motifs verrouillés sauf le 8,9,10 et 11 niveau zéro en… quelqu’un pourrait m’en dire plus svp merci

Is there a way to do this without the electric skin cause i want to do one of the combos but i don’t have the electric skin

I don’t think so buddy, sorry

Hey @THR_Platinawolf

What happened, a new bike coming out early? Lol I’ve had it since the first day bike 13 came out, and just noticed this…

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Are you running the most recent version of the game? It doesn’t say that for me.

Yeah, what game version are you using :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah update your game if you don’t have the current version