Automatic swith to the same level bike in Versus mode

Plz make button "Automattc swith to the same level motorcycle in Versus mode."
I play with my friends, and they all have different levels of motorcycles.
Very annoying each time to switch your bike to the desired level.


I really like that idea!

I actually thought this was goin to be a feature when Versus Mode came.

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Nice one!

I agree 110%

Late to this party, but Iā€™m going to post in here anyway. I love this idea. Even though 99% of my VS list is Bike 11, I occasionally jump down to Bike 3 and play against newer players, and I would love to be able to switch to the Bike they are using without having to start the VS match, scan the appearance of their bike, restart the game, and switch to it, just to make the match fair.