Attempts leaderboard!

i was thinking since there seem to be NO chance of me getting in the top 10 leaderboard, i thought i might have a chance in attempts.
post a screen shot of the highest attempt count you have in a jam track.


Holy cow!!! lol awesomeness :+1:

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wow so much,

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@rcboxer your track was insanely awesome and meticulously designed…BUT that scrub at the beginning of lap two fucked up soooo many good runs that i care to count :joy:

@TSR_SamMeci_SD above 10,000 attempts turborilla should introduce measuring attempts with Kg or lb :grinning:


yes i am agree.

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Thanks James!!! That scrub killed me too lol

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Damn impressive homie!
Guess I’m second… But I’ll take it :slight_smile:


not too shabby your self my friend, quite impressive actually :joy: :clap:

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Damn u lot need to go outside haha I don’t think Iv had more than 2000 attempts on one jam track but on the frontline told me my total attempts in jam since it started is over 200,000😂


200,000!!! God damn, that is commitment :crown: :grinning:
i wonder how much is my total?
@THR_VonKasta can your picture get any creepier :joy:

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I’m only at 63,405. I’ve been slacking lol

You’re only at 130k you slacker!

Is that a challange? :smile:

@THR_Birdshaw what am I at?

305k… Get a life! :grinning:

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@THR_Birdshaw what am I at? :speak_no_evil:

Can u actually see that birdshaw or are you just bullshitting us :joy: As usual :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
If u can! What is my status?

Haha no he actually can :joy: just for once you should believe him :grinning:

Ok. I might believe him :grin: