Are some people really this dumb?

Can one you mods ban rizky211! Dudes cheating like a mofo. Are people that stupid that they don’t think anyone would notice a dude starting like 1/4 way into the track instead of the gates? Ahh cmonnn man lol

Everyone notices it, the devs just need to remove glitched times manually so it may take a bit before they do so

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He’s only cheating cause he can’t win. But yes get rid of the little kent!!!


Happens often man. Used to be rockets in jam now theyre starting halfway through lol losers.


I dont get a prize from week 1 redbull jam. I was do a good finish for week 1 and i was collect that prize. But i still can’t get to premium round. Can you help me

Send an email to and the support can handle it.

In general, we don’t deal with support issues over the forum.

Thanks dude, appreciate

It happens often and they are always deleted and usually banned

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@THR_Platinawolf can i ask you why @THR_Birdshaw not change my name? I’ve asked for it many times