Anybody else squeeze so hard you see the rainbow on your screen?

I have worn out some thumbs on this game but I always laugh my ass off when I get thru a close one, win or lose when right at the end I will see the rainbow colors around my thumbs. Its hilarious, and I feel like an idiot but I guess it just shows how bad ya want it.
I have had times where I could hear the damn phone case creaking and im screaming “go dammit go”. What a great game. Oh and to finally get that victory. …its the money shot.


Oh yeah, thats mainly why I changed to Auto Gas

When did you change and how do you like it? Hard to get used to ? I use the old brake and gas buttons.

I dont know, maybe a year ago. It wasnt that hard to adjust. Try it out Bill, your phone is gonna thank you

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i agree, once you go Go you’ll never go back. Now my controls corner is suffering, i don’t know why i press sooo hard when i am leaning especially when its a close call as if the controls are pressure sensitive!!

sometimes it gets so bad that after an hour or so of playing i can feel the screen moving and clicking under my fingers, so i flip the phone to avoid permanent damage.

it would be nice if they added Auto steering as well where the harder you cheer the faster you go :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Same here, one of my corners is totally F.U and more or less useless :cry:

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No rainbows but My phone gets really Fu#*in hot after about 30 minutes of none stop play I have to constantly flip my phone cuz the heat and cuz all the corners are just about blown out the sensitivity is all jacked up.
The phone before this one had a very slight not even a crack it was more like a chip or like a star like you’d get on the windshield of your vehicle up at the top of the screen right by the headphone jack, I swear with in a few days the whole screen was cracked all the way across from the pressure of my thumbs.

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I’m currently using a phone with a crack all the way across the screen I try to keep it on the Go side so,I don’t break it completely with my crushing grip on the leaning buttons. Sometimes my thumb gets sore from running close races. I have used the Go setup for a while and I find it easier to control.

If you’re not seeing rainbows you’re not doing it right :joy:

It happens when u tense up and i think of it as a motivator bc u want it so bad. If your phone corners are not messed up you are not trying hard enough lol.

Yep when i have been playing about an hour and so close to beating my time even if its by .02 lol

Then when I put it in my pocket it feels like a fire is about to happen

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Yep I’ve been there.

I have a pressure crack on my glass phone screen cover from where I press forward to scrub the sheet outta jumps…

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My corners are all screwed up now they are not as sensitive I have to press till it goes almost purple and my hands start to sweat lol.