Any girls playing mad skills?

I am wondering if there is any girls out there with mad skills and play mad skills motercross 2 , or are all players male haha

We had sick111111111211112211111111 who is a girl and an absolute beast, but she quit due to (imaginary) performance issues.


Was she the female @bragstad

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Haha nah she wasn’t nearly bragstad but she was pretty fucking fast :grinning:

I know there’s a girl in my region… Unless it’s a guy who somehow happens to have a girl name :joy:

There used to be a THR_Hannah who quit playing she lived in the state above me

On my list of friends are 8 current ladies driving.
If they count me (PiTTiGirL) it is 9 ladies :yum:

There was a player names ayeshataranum or something but I dono if player with girl name and pic was male or female :smiley:

I was play with a girl fast, hi @gl0ry. i Can Beat she in Versus. She win me.

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Still here.


Hi hannah

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i would put 1000 dollars that she could beat him in vs. tho omg she was unreal

You’d have 1000 dollars less in your wallet if you did :grinning: she was good but she was more my level good and not bragstad level good

Edit: unless you mean beating him like 1 out of 10 races of course, then yes you’re probably right :slight_smile:

Bruhhh i can beat @Bragstad 1 in 10 races… lmao and i couldnt even beat her.

Well almost 1 in 10 haha


You guys have two numbers in common “15” hes just got a 3 after his lol i dont even bother challenging him i think dudeslatton and sam27 are about as adventurous as id get :joy::joy:

I think either you or me is very weird then :joy: probably both :joy: cause I’m 2-16 with bragstad right now and i was beating her more than she was beating me (not sure how much cause apparently
challenge is gone, it was pretty close though) :thinking: and I’m very sure that I’m better now than i was when racing her :thinking:

And im usally playing with bike 7 against u, lets be hounest


Oh snap!