Any Clans Accepting?

Ill Just say that im a pretty good player and I was wondering if any clans would accept me in

do i need to show my stats?

Which of the game(s) do you play and where are you at in Jam each week? That’s usually a good place to start because every team has their own requirements!

Mad Skills Motocross 2
this jam week was a bad week for me
let me check
Im mainly in the thousands but that’s before I really attempt the level but sometimes I get at least top 100 or 1,000

if thats not good enough to join then I’m ok with your decisions

well anyones decisions really
i got to division 1 not too long ago

I can say without a doubt that HDR is a great team to be a part of, but you would need to get 3 weeks in a row of top 500 worldwide at the end of a jam to join.

Yea but I need to find a way to improve
I used auto basically my whole career on the game but now i switched to manual

And I almost beat Z3 World Record For Starman
Track- New Horizons
Im Literally 5th

@WFO_SonicSpeed you sent a request to race???

Can i join?

I’ve sent the request to join the facebook group and am waiting for the response.