Android or Iphone?

What do ya’ll play on i use LG does it make a difference?

There are A LOT of different phones that can handle mad skills, and aside from performance issues on really old phones, there is no difference in the way the game plays.

The most significant difference between iPhone and Android is that Cash games are available on iPhones only at this time (we hope it will be possible to release on android too but I’m not holding my breath :confused: )

I play on both iPhone and Android.
I do feel a difference, iPhone is more forgiving, the landings and wheelies are easier, therefore more scrubs.
I play on the iPhone only on Wednesdays on my friends phone. I feel I would do so much better if I’d play on the iPhone the whole week.

That’s probably either just the phone handling it better and so the game running smoother or placebo… I know that before he got an iPhone ZSE had a really crappy Android phone and was already setting world records back then so i doubt the type of phone is the thing that would make the big difference :thinking:

I also had my doubts about it.
Then I tried an iPad and ti was even better :triumph:
The android I use is a Huawei P9. I think it runs the game so good that makes i too precise and makes it a bit harder to handle. Maybe for a pro that’s better.
Or maybe I change my riding because of the difference of screen size :thinking:

I have also noticed differences I sometimes play on my friend iphone and feel like it is easier to control the wheelies and a bit more stable

Yup, I too have noticed these slight differences. Android S7 is my Main device I use daily. Sometimes I’ll hop on my wifes 10" Galaxy Tab and it feels a bit more responsive and smooth all around. Buuut… their are times my phone seems to work F×××××g Amazing, and then their are times I seem to nose dive or case every jump i hit…

So i donno, im in the middle on this one. More Research Men!!

Has anyone tried playing MSMX2 on the new HTC U11?

Judging by the PassMark benchmarks, this phone seems ridiculous! Almost twice as fast as iPhone 7 in processing and graphics. I’m just wondering how responsive the touch screen is? Which could be a huge game experience factor.

The best gaming phone I have played mad skills on is the LG g5

Its processor is a lot better then that of an i phone 7