AMA Supercross Championship

So who here is into supercross /motocross? I’ve always been into bikes. I’ve got a trails bike(gasgas) So much fun out in woods and streams making sections with friends. Great fun, I’ve done few competition’s on it but mainly fun bike.
I’ve got a motocross bike too, yamaha yz250 2stroke. I used to race regularly, won the north west senior 250/Open class championship in UK. But a few mangled bones and surgeries later I don’t ride that much. Hoping get back into it this year!.

Anyway, back to the point. Who will be watching sx from Dallas tonight? And who you got for the win. As much as I hate to pick him I’ve got go with dungey… Sigh lol. His starts are too good, hoping tomac can get first win and I think Webb will get the 250s win after 3 straight losses. I’d like Joey get it but I think Webb will be agro tonight.
So what is your picks for the night?


I agree with Dungey. Not that I’m “not a fan”…but I am so sick of seeing him win, and he is just so repetitive with his personality. However, unless someone like Roczen or Tomac can get a good start, it will be tough to beat Dungey. I will be rooting for Tomac but I think Dungey clinches it.

As for 250’s, I think (again) start will be crucial. I will be rooting for Craig and Webb. Cooper raced in my area for a long time (I actually beat him once or twice in Supermini class…that’s my claim to fame lol) so I have to root for the local boy.

I’m really rooting for Craig, I like him a lot and think if he can get out there early he has a shot, but in reality I’m expecting Webb to end the west coast run on fire and with a vengeance! Racing has been really good this year though, so who knows.

Im with Roczen!

I think the final round in Vegas will be big this year. With both coasts together in a final race and scored together and not separate, so if you’re 6th in the race but are second East guy you get scored as 6th instead of 2nd.
Could be some big points shake ups especially if Webb gets a bad start and joey gets out front early.

I was excited about the 250 class after Webb’s DNF. But, now that he won in Dallas and has a pretty good lead again, it’s probably over. I just can’t see him losing it. Hopefully Craig or Savatgy can grab another win though. Maybe Osbourne.

I don’t see Dungey losing the red plate the rest of the year in the 450 class, but I think there is a better chance for some others to get in there and snag a win, like Roczen just did. It doesn’t feel like the MC/RC years, with Dungey in the lead.