All of the THR name versions

So it recently came to my mind that the THR letters could have multiple variants. And if you know any just write it down here because why keep something to yourself if everbody can see your genius idea.

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its Team Homo Racing


Thats what ive always known it as :joy: except when Harambe died and it was Team Harambe Racing for a bit haha

Tremendously Horny Rhyno’s
Team Horny Rhyno’s
Team Hero Racing

@THR_Birdshaw, wanna list a few more?

True Heart Racing
The Hardest Racers
True Honest Racing
True Honest Racers
Therapy Helps Racing
Team Handicapped Racing
Truly hardcore Racing
Truly hardcore Racers
Team …: any of the afforementiomed

I can give so many variations based upon the THR Moniker
I’ll just STFU now!! Cheers


Your name of RoastedQueef is the freaking ultimate!! :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:

It should be roastedbeef but dont bother it​:joy::joy::joy:


Namechange done—

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Well thank you​:joy::joy::joy:


I’ll ask BirdShit, I mean BirdShaw for RoatedQueef!! :joy: :joy::joy:
That’s too damn good!! :heart:

But what if you join THR under that name??

Not sure what exactly you mean… do you mean with the RoastedQueef or in regards to jointing THR based on what you think the THR Moniker stands for?

If you like that name that much you could join thr under it.

I’m already THR… Currently, my ingame name is THR_Idiot :joy: My name gets changed all the time, so it depends on the week or sometimes even the day!!

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Ooo. Sorry i didnt know that :joy::joy: