All My Stats Disappeared?

I’ve been playing MSBMX2 for quite some time now. I had a sub but recently cancelled due to me changing banks. Everything was fine until this morning.

I’m lvl 27 and have 25k cash in game with like 20 gold.
I also had the #8 bike with just one upgrade in speed.

When I logged in this morning via Game Center like it automatically does each time, I no longer have stats and it only gives me the first bike. I still have my level and all my currency but 0 stats , bikes, and outfits.

I contacted support and sent a message but have yet to receive a response on this issue and thought that if others had this problem if they knew of a fix.

I’ve reinstalled, logged out and back in. Even tried logging in with Facebook but get same results.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Also not sure if it’s worth noting but I mainly play on iPad now because phone screen broke. But this issue is on both iPhone and iPad.

So it seems I still have my bike unlocks but because it thinks I’m level 1 I can’t access anything else that has a level restriction on it.

Send an ingame help ticket and the Bear will help you

I opened the game this morning and everything seems to be back to normal. Thanks.

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