Achievements are not unlocked

Hello. I have been playing MSM2 for a long time and I have a small problem - some achievements are not open, such as “Unlock Bonus Track”, “Beat 48 Career Tracks” and others. Help me solve this problem. Thanks

well… did you beat 48 career tracks?

of course

career 100% complete

are those the ingame achivements or google play /appstore(idk if there are achivements there but whatever)? if they are the second the problem would not be in the game but youre probably just logged in wrong.

these are in-game achievements

hmmmm then im pretty much clueless. maybe try reinstalling?

I’ve already tried it several times, but it doesn’t help

i have the same problem, not that i care all that much but it says i havent done some stuff that i definitly have so idk, but its just achievements so i dont really care about them

mabye @THR_Birdshaw knows something if you feel like its important to you. he loves helping people. there are not any other people in denmark better than him

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