Account recovery

i had an ipad and switched to samsung, lost my madskills account, could help me recover please i have this account since the game launched, HELP ME PLEASEEEEE

Where you logged in with Facebook, Twitter or Game Center? If you were then you could just log back in to one of them and link your MadSkillsMX account and get your MadSkillsMX account back

Either follow the very helpfull text by DrXpY, or send an email to . Include your old ingame username as well as one you made through your new device.

But logging in through Facebook/Twitter is faster for you.

Eu fiz o login pelo game center, porém o madskills não tem mais na app store do Brasil, o jogo tem apenas na play store do android

I use my sister’s iphone then i try to log in in to my facebook but it says couldn’t login to facebook

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