Accelerator button messing up

Accelerator button messing up causing the rider to flip backwards I have Uninstaller and installed a lot still doesn’t fix. I restart my phone and it works for maybe a minute or two then back to flipping backwards again it’s the only game on my phone I have issues with

Try to get used to “auto mode” and use that option instead :slight_smile:

Its the best mode for use rockets

  • are you using ios or android?
  • did you do anything when it started to get messed up? (like updating to a newer ios/android version)

Android 7.0 it does the same on auto accelerate to.

It was doing it on the 4.1 Android as well it plays a couple of rounds then all of a sudden it starts flipping backwards I try pushing button for leaning forward it’s like I have no control. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled several times after a couple of games it start the cycle all over so I have uninstalled the game. It’s frustrating when you think you have won the race then controls mess up and you lose. Kinda makes you not want to play it anymore and I really like this game been playing for over a year now

Damn, that is annoying!
It sounds like your touch screen is having a life of its own. I’m not sure if there’s anything we can do to fix it though as it is most likely a hardware or os issue :worried:

But what’s weird is if I exit the game for about 10 minutes or reset my phone it works for a couple of rounds then back again. I have had the same issue with past Android IOS when I first started this game over a year ago never had issues til 4.1 and 7.0