A really nice floor


at my work


I’ve never heard of internet on any camp site :joy:


Where I go camping we actually have a verizon tower right beside lol


Dafuq?! I would never go camping without internet!
But then again, I glamp more than I camp.


Well ice never heard of that :joy: when we go we go to our ranch, no service, signal, or internet haha


@THR_Birdshaw here you go… Floor of the tent I’m sleeping in :joy: including my bag and sleeping stuff that is :joy:


That’s a n00b ass tent floor if I ever saw one.


Yeah well unlike you I don’t bring a portable universe and instead i just sleep in a small tent that I only use for sleeping :joy:




Thought I’d join in the fun :sweat_smile:


Lol your probably the guy who has 20 portiable chargers a mini fridge a microwave a hotspot an air matress all in a tent the size of a small house​:joy::joy:


More like a portable universe like i stated above :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:


Well… a fridge (not a gay ass cool box, a real fucking fridge), two queensize airbeds, two iPhones (work as hotspots), two iPads, no microwave but a full gas range and a gas grill, in a 40 m2 tent. Lamps, table, chairs, inflateable sofa and such goes without saying.


Might as well get a camper for that and haul it all together


I actually did have a camper that I kinda sorta destroyed. But the tent is quite a big bigger than the camper and easier to move. I still haul a trailer but it had WAY less drag than a camper.


Wtf!! Thats a small house you hillbilly :joy::joy:


Aint no hilbilly in glamping.


taking a shit on the competition


No but you could move to the country side and live in the hills and name yourself Billy!
Would be a good life with that “Tent” (luxurious)!. Hins! (Hillbilly) Farfetched?? MEH!! :joy::joy::tumbler_glass::beer::beer::beer:


Eh why not :joy: