A really nice floor

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It really ties the room together

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I agree matches perfectly

Is there something I’m missing here? :joy:

What the…

What that blurry line, did he drop the f bomb :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

F bombs are fucking allowed in here😀

Nah haha i just asked if i was missing something :joy::joy::joy:

Let me join in… Here’s the floor of the hotel room I’m staying in tonight… It’s not as fancy as yours but it’ll have to do :joy::joy::joy:

Oh I clicked it and it showed up :joy:

Fucking yeah!!!

That’s a nice floor

Best topic ever

I’m actually in the proces of flooring right now. I hate it.

Can you tell what color dog I have?

I got the same carpet

Lets not go there, we are all world citizens.



What does the pinned globally mean?