A few general questions

  1. I dont Facebook or tweet or instagram or any of those things. Is there a way to upload a profile pic without them. I use Google+ but still cant get it to upload a pic.
  2. After finishing a versus run is there a way to turn off the instant " do you want to tweet your victory", I realize thats not the exact wording.
  3. I race a good bit, not as much as I used to due to current life circumstances. I have 2 boys that race too. I would love to get the yearly upgrade but with 3 racers its cost prohibitive. I would love to give back to the game makers as I get a alot of enjoyment from it. But 50 bux for not even a full year is a bit much. Can a second teir be created ya know for half of that. I wouldn’t even think twice about 30 bux a year.
    Anyway thats my questions for now.

#2. Nope

Im sure @JoeW723 will give you some better answers when he see this :slight_smile:

  1. No
  2. No
  3. I can see how that could get expensive. October update will include more things you’ll want to subscribe to, but I can’t say more, stay tuned later this month. Either way, if you choose to buy a bunch of rounds just email me at support (at) Turborilla (dot) com and maybe we can figure something out for all 3 of you.

Ok, thanks much.

What do I need to have to be able to upload a profile pic?