A few concepts for the future of MSMX2

Ok this will be short but I was thinking that it would be cool if every day you could get a chest and open it to get cool items or in game currency and name it like mad coins to buy new items like make your own decals or helmets and such , this currency could also be earnt from career , jam and verses . And another concept is adding a value to all star levels but I’m not sure what it could be ,my last concept is a new verses level 80 and you unlock bike smoke ? Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this

Maybe they will add currency in some future games, who knows? :thinking:

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Games? Why not updates

That would be a MAJOR update that would steal time away from their upcoming games. There are no specific dates, But mad skills BMX 2 is coming up and mad skills MX3 is in the works aswell.

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Will mx2 frequently update new features and such , and will mx be any different like will it cost and have the same stuff in mx2 but with more??

AFAIK it will be free to play with some bought features, But still entirely possible to rock without spending a dime. It will have a lot more features than mx2, but the physics (which is the main selling point of mx2) will largely stay the same.

@THR_Birdshaw is correct that it would be a MAJOR update… We would basically need to change everything in the game to change to virtual currency so I’m pretty sure that won’t happen for MSM2.

MSM3 will be more than just a facelift. It will include a lot of new content and it might scrap some parts that we didin’t like in MSM2. What it will include is too soon to say at the moment though :slight_smile:

I like to be surprised at MsM3
I like it …

As long as MsM2 is still up to date, come a bike 12 ??? in the game.

Ich lass mich gerne überrachen auf MsM3
Mir gefällt es bestimmt …

So lange MsM2 noch aktuell ist, komm da noch ein Bike 12 ??? ins Spiel.

Wäre schon Cool :smiley: :grinning:

We still love MSM2 and care for it even though MSM3 is under development. So we will keep supporting it and we won’t abandon you guys. We’re working with adding new content, features, fixing bugs and working with gumbler to keep this game a live :slight_smile:

I cannot promise a bike 12, but who knows, maybe we’ll do that too! :slight_smile:

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Mad skills mx 3 will break the game

I hate it when you have to spend money on a game to advance and keep up with everyone else

With MSMX2 there has always been the option of paying your way out of grinding for bikes. However, unlike IAP generators like all the clash games, you very quickly reach a ceiling where money wont get you any further. A few weeks of grinding will give you the same gear as the top guys.


Thank you good to know that it went be like those clash games…

I absolutely hate that