A Beautiful sunset


Just wanted to share this beautiful sunset, you guys got sunsets where you live, can they top this one (pretty sure they will) but yeah :grinning::+1::sunrise_over_mountains:


The most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen


You for sure topped me on that one :smile::smile::+1::fire:


Yea haha



Walking the dog like


When the suns still up


Hey I got one even better on Monday ill get to see 100% of the total eclipse.


Yep I live in hopkinsville. I’ll get to see it


Thats awesome guys


Here in hopkinsville, just witnessed a total solar eclipse. Wish I had the galaxy s8 to get better pictures. My phone couldn’t pic it up it just blurred


I sucked where I live :unamused:


The chicken thing was a myth busted. It was to short, they didnt go to roost


You can see it through the leafs shadow


What chicken thing?


well. i imagine cause they’re farm animals…
I got to see the total eclipse in 94 (was 12 back then), and saw it in the highflatlands of the Andes. And I remember seeing wild flamingos and other birds going back to their nests/lagoon/wherever they slept, during the eclipse darkness… just to see them flying back to wherever they spent the day few minutes after…


They didnt ompletely go to roost where I am. It was to short.


Lol during the eclipse there were some bar’s out, and when the glare began to come back, they went crazy flying back home


it rained all day for me haha


That was cool but it felt weird.